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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  July 10, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> i'm jim donovan. katie and meisha will be along in just a few minute. first, here's what you need to start your day in the morning minute. today is monday, july 10th. where are they? the search is on for four young men from bucks county, who vanished, several days ago. >> at this point, it is unclear if any of these cases are connected. >> we don't have no respect for themselves, for the kids. >> neighbors in kensington are upset after a gunman opens fire in front of kids in broad daylight. >> it is back to court this morning for members of a penn state fraternity charged in the death after 19 year old pledge. >> president trump's eldest son admit he met with russian lawyer who promised damaging information on hillary clinton. >> i went down to get mitt being and could not come back. >> nearly 8,000 people are out of their homes in california asthmas i have wild fires continue to burn out west. >> a near tragedy, caught on go pro. a cyclist clipped by a car in
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nashville. he's okay. >> the driver in that case was arrested and charged with hit-and-run. >> let's sends it off to katie. back here at home, talking at least the weekends was but the full. more of the same, you think? >> well, as least to start things offer. really comfortable on the skydeck right now, we're got nearly full moon. we just had full moon. you can still see that in the western side, that will be setting in just about an hour and a half from now. still want to catch a glimpse of it. but the sun, too, about ready to pop over that horizon, so view of the moon is of course going to start to get faded by that. with that said, walking out the door, still feel pretty comfortable today. i can't prom ace day like yesterday. tough to top. that will but you will see spotty shower, thunderstorm out there as the day goes on. so get you out there. look at storm scan3, still nice and quiet. avenue temperatures are as such. what you will notice, too, our winds baron here indicating primarily south or southeast wind flow, and help ramp up
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the humidity. currently mid low 60s, upper 60s in wildwood, as well as philadelphia international airport. but little cooler by comparison towards the lehigh valley and pocono region. throughout the course of the day expect it to heat up. should hit upper 80s with no problem, slightly more humid. pop up shower or thunderstorm will fire up. generally, just after lunchtime, but, primarily afternoon issue here, so the next few hours, really look quite ideal if you have any outdoor plans to get in here. meanwhile, looking at the area temperatures, it only heats up as you might imagine. by 10:00 a.m., already upper 70s, 3:00 p.m. where we will keep with the heat at 87 degrees, but again, watch for shower or thunderstorm, and couple of spots. not everyone gets hit. i think if you are watching us from the beach, the area shore points, you're very likely not going to see wet weather at all today. primarily inland issue. but the guys meisha mentioned at the desk this is likely to be an unsettled pattern, and i'll let you know which days look the wettest coming up.
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>> thank you so much, for those of you watching from the beach, like katie said, you're luck i looking outside right now. looking good. katie pointed out, nice dry roadways, waking to up monday morning, we know mondays will be busy there is will be no different. however right now, things are actually looking pretty good. blue route, headlights northbound direction, anywhere we look on the blue route looking good. disable tractor-trailer here 95 south off ram top girard. pulled off to the shoulder. but some of your neighbors might be tapping the brakes, travel on by. heads up there. vine not closed overnight for that construction project between the schuylkill and broad. however, it will be tonight, through thursday, so looking in the westbound direction, just beyond the schuylkill, looking pretty good. eastbound side looking real nice as well. we do still have an accident out there in jenkintown, meeting house road, sunset avenue, heads up for. that will plus car fire in spring syd i, east bridge at riverside drive. those have not been clearedment i'll let you know as soon as they do so. talking about bridge
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inspections here, 59 north between enterprize and broad street. left lane compromised between nine a.m. and 3:00 p.m. again that's after the morning rush starting at 9:00 a.m. then, also, looking at some more construction out there. talking more about this, coming un, in the next ten minutes or so, jim, rahel, back to you. >> four young men including two teenage remembers reported missing in bucks county, within the past week. now, police from multiple agencies are searching for answers. >> "eyewitness news" reporter trang do live outside the solebury township police department with more on this investigation. good morning, trang. >> well, good morning, rahel, jim. with new developments overnight, police did confirm they found the carve one of the four missing men, there was no evidence that any crime had occurred, at this point, it is unclear whether these four cases are connected, so family member tells us at least two of the men know each other. >> police say jimi tar patrick from newtown township has not been heard from wednesday, july 5th. his family said he hasn't
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shown up for work, which is very unusual. anyone who has seen him is asked to call bucks county police dispatch. also reported missing, 18 year old dean finocchiaro, from langhorne. police say dean was last seen this past friday, july 7, getting into vehicle on hampton drive around 6:30 p.m. anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to call middletown township police. two other men from bucks county also reported missing. police are searching for 22 year old mark stinger is, and 21 year old tom mayo, the pair last seen together in the doylestown area. search -- said the two men are friends, said one note. break in the case led mitt to search on acquatong road solebury township, but it is unclear what led investigators there, and if they found any clues. again, the missing men are jimi tar patrick, dean finocchiaro, stir just, and
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tom mayo. state police and several local police didn't are clap rating on this to make sure that these men do return home home safely. for now live in solebury township, trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news," jim, rahel, back to you. >> thanks for the update. time now 5:36n business news this morning, amazon prime customers are getting ready for the stroke of midnight. >> and the latest nicki reaching out to it customers. roxanna joins you live from the new york stock exchange, good morning, roxanna. >> reporter: good morning, jim, rahel. the first full trading beak since the fourth of july holidayment strong rally finished out the week here on wall street. on friday, the dow gained 94 points, and the nasdaq was up 63. investors will be watching earnings reports this week, for big banks and companies like pepsi and delta airlines. and fed chair janet yellen scheduled to give her semi-annual monetary report to congress on wednesday. prime tame starts tonight. amazon says its massive sale
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will last 30 hours, feature hundreds of thousands of deals. some every five minute. if you're not an amazon prime member, you can get 330 day trial membership. preview deals with amazon app up to 24 hours for. and nike wants to you check out, check urine is that gram, shop at the same time. the shoemaker says it will experiment with shopable pegs where they can easily buy products like clicking on a tag photo. nike has been testing new ways to reach customers while selling directly on samson. jim, rahel? >> that's dangerous, it is almost too convenient. i'm always on instagram. >> me too. just another way to spend money. >> all right, roxanna, thank you. >> well, new york governor andrew cuomo is calling it the summer of hell. this morning, commuters in new york city are about to find out what he means. today amtrak begins extensive repairs on tracks and signals at penn station. the construction follows
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months of train breakdowns, long delays, and several derailments, and the tracks are known as a interlocking, amtrak considers the repairs crucial. >> we've been doing renewal work for very long time, which common quicker for us, it is point the out by the derailment, rep i had at this in which the infrastructure has declined, has sped up. >> well, new jersey transit morris annette innings lines will end in hoboken after 7:00 , compute kearse take the path train, a bus, or a ferry, into new york city. >> memorial has been created for the woman who died after crashing into local spca building in delaware. gathered in front of the brandywine valley spca in new castle. latoya cooper, people who knew cooper say she was hard-working woman. >> very god woman. she worked hard. she work for everything in her
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live. i don't see her off and on, and i go checkup on her and everything, good woman. >> cooper leaves hine five children. and the brandywine valley spca now closed indefinately. staff members say the vet clinic and the shelter were both severely injured in saturday's crash. almost 100 animals were moved safely to other locations, the spca says community members stepped up and responded after the incident by adopting 50 pets. still trying to figure out what caused that crash. >> well, coming up: lawmakers returning to capitol hill today. >> we'll tell you the perhaps surprisingly pessimistic outlook senator john mccain has for the republican healthcare bill. >> why this fire knocked out power, leaving more than 100,000 people in the dark. "eyewitness news" is coming right back.
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>> a familiar superhero swung his way to the top spot at the box office this weekend. >> new mover i'm working on. nod bad. >> spiderman homecoming dominated the box office with 117 million-dollar domestic debut, the film also has 93% critic rating on rot on tomatoes, the second largest in sony picture history behind spiderman three. and latest film in the marvel series spun it way to
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number one, test recall recall me, came in, and baby driver brought in $12.8 million. >> and i am a stone says male co-stars have taken pay cuts to be sure she receives equal pay on films. during a interview, stone says that sever less gestures help her to ask for more money. the oscar win is her portraying the great billie jean king in the upcoming film battle of the sections, and that fill some about the 1973 against bobby rigs. >> that's a conversation a lot every people are having, not just gender inch equality, but it thinks continuing, races, receiving different pay. >> and you got to love billie jean king. doing an event with her, i think, in two weeks from now, philadelphia freedom. >> she is amazing. >> love her. >> when she was in the studio, it was only few months ago, she came in and she was the speaker at my graduation, or a couple of years before my
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graduation, at college, she remembered details. >> she really does have like an amazing memory. >> i was blown away. and respect for the woman then, even more so now. >> i remember her coming in, very sweet, very kind. >> very impressed, one of those celebrities, how would you hope they would be, right? >> i was pretty impressed with this weekend's wetter. >> oh, that was good wetter. >> absolutely phenominal. now, we will keep the theme going for few more hours, but starting to feel steamier. is it not gorgeous? i know, jack frost big boulder seem like misnomer here, right? so warm outside. no frost to be hound here up at the ski resorts, lake harmony up here, people take their motor boats out here, beautiful looking day generally speaking. not devoid of the possibility of shower or thunderstorm, little later on i'll have your pocono forecast for you, that said, we actually have one of the eyewitness weather watchers way up to the mountains, up and adam, this
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morning. >> keith has 56 degrees, kind of cool for him, sailors berg at this hour, with nothing more than few clouds overhead. nice morning, though. you know, beautiful weaken, right? hope awed chance to get out, enjoy t meanwhile i know we did have handful every pictures that came n but general idea, is that you're in the mid or upper 50's, in the most remote suburbs more like mid or upper 60s as you get little closer in toward the urban corridor. quick peak at those moon shots. i mean, they stands out, right? absolutely gorgeous. here's john, sent this one in, from last night, when it was obviously still quite dark t looks near full. see just see how it is starting to wayne. this is nearly full out moon, waning at this point, about 98.6% illumination on the moon, will be setting probably in about an hour, 50 minutes or so. >> storm scan all clear for now. doesn't stay that way. toward the afternoon we do start to see shower or thunderstorm pong up. key word here, spotty. isolated. then even the chance remains on tuesday, this is your pocono forecast, but as we look forward, to, you know, in
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terms whatever we will finds around the region as a whole, in the next couple every days it, gets very hot, thunderstorm chances do increase. so i would say if you're going to hit the pool today make sure to latter on sunday block for one thing, keep your ears perk for thunder. not everyone will get hit by this, but mainly glands issue, mid low 90s, so it will be hot, yes, thunderstorm icons galor here, meisha. but tuesday, friday, at the moment, to me, look like they'll ends up being the best chance tore storms region wide. >> okay, who is in friday, all right, katie, thank you so much. so right now the good news on our morning, early morning monday commute, still have dry roadways, real nice to see. hopefully we can keep you throughout the entire morning, see what happens, new jersey 42 at creek road, approaching 295, keep seeing pretty darn busy there, as you push in the northbound direction. just heads up, not even in the 6:00 hour, already, really slowing down there. we were looking at place from the schuylkill at the blue route, headlights eastbound direction, looking at resurfaced project that's overnight, i was going to show
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you the area. penndot swung the camera around, now looking at this disable, now, again, this is still moving in the westbound direction, taillights moving in the westbound direction. again, schuylkill at the blue route, pulled all the way off to the shoulder watcher will happen, you come around the bend, you will be tapping on the brakes little bit as you travel on by. heads up. again pulled off to the shoulder, and then we also have disable tractor-trailer 95 south off ram top girard, again, pulled off to the shoulder. the accident in jenkintown, still out there, meeting house road at sunset avenue. and a car fire in spring city still out there, as well. east bridge street at riverside drive. jim, back to you. >> police are investigating a man in burlington county stabbed and killed in a apparent home invader. happened in moorestown early yesterday morning. homeowner told police he stabbed two men during a struggle after they broke into his house. one man died at the scene. man viewing a home in the neighborhood said the incident concerns him. >> me and my wife were actually looking for a houses, so i was looking at the new
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construction, next thing we know, the road is block, we had to go all the way around. but like it is worrying to see something like this happen though. >> now, police are investigating whether a second man who showed up at local medical center with a stab wound is linked to this incident, prosecutors haven't filed any charges in this case as of yet. >> philadelphia police are investigating a shooting in the city's olney section. officers say man was shot four times, just after 6:00 last night, on the 100 block of west godfrey avenue. three bullets hit him in the back. he's in critical condition. there is no word on a suspect. a supermarket in northeastern pennsylvania is opening back up after more than a month after a deadly mass shoot inside that store. the store in rural wyoming county scheduled to reopen thursday. that is after a shooting on june 8th forced the shop to shut it doors, gunman, randy stair of dallas, p pen work at
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the shore, showed up with guns, opened fire, killed three co-workers before killing himself. >> fire officials evacuate, during two major wild fires in california over the weekend. >> this fire burned nearly eight scare miles in the see area nevada yesterday. about 60 miles north of sacramento, destroying ten building, the other fire, santa ina valley. flames tore through the grassy hills. and nearly 94,000 people are still in the danker this morning, after a massive explosion at california pour plant. fire officials say it all started around 7:00 p.m. saturday night. the electrical fire at the plant sent massive plumes of black smoke into the sky. 40,000 customers initially lost power. neighbors say they heard allowed bank before the light went out. >> i never saw anything like it in my life. saw the flail behind cosco, we thought it was the cots though, then saw it was behind cosco.
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>> asleep, taking a nap. she come in, we lost power, and i go out, i check, i see the big plume of smoke. ah-hah. the power restored to 50,000 customers, and some still without power. officials are trying to figure out what sparked that explosion. >> well, a high ranking vatican cleric accused of sexually assaulting multiple people years ago returns to us a yale to stand trial. cardinal george pell, pope francis top financial advisor, avoid the the media as he arrived at sydney airport over the weekends. australian authority say the 76 year old facing multiple counts every historical sexual assault. meaning the crimes happened years ago. there is no statute of limitations on such crimes in australia. pell is maintaining his innocence. replacing obamacare is congress' top priority as members return to capitol hill this morning, last month gop senators unveiled their version after healthcare bill. failed to get enough support. and no vote before the fourth every july recess.
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cbs "face the nation," senator john mccain says he does not have much fate in his party's healthcare bill. >> my view is it is probably going to be dead. but i am -- i've been wrong. i thought i would be president of the united states. >> president trump tweeted even as a civilian, i listened as republicans push to repeal to replace obamacare, now they finally have their chance. >> well, they not only save people lifeguards down the beach in north wildwood, also save -- >> look at this video sent in by a viewer. see? apparently that drifted little too close to shore sunday afternoon, near second street beach. little manpower, nearby lifeguards works together to stabilize the boat which began to tip over as the waves came crashing in. another boat able to pull it back to sea. well, two sisters team to up change the lives of people with disabilities. >> but they're also recruiting help from dogs.
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how the siblings are training dogs it become the special resource for people with disabilities, when we come
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>> special relationship between two humans and their dogs. >> shows us how that life-long love is helping people
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overcome obstacles, in their own lives. >> your honor ' trained dogs my entire life. >> i always said if i won the powerball, i would start a service dog organization. i have not won. >> training dogs to change lives. >> we get scolded by a lot of school teachers, that we spell definitely wrong, but it is because we started initially training for the devon hard of hearing. we focus on autism dogs hearing note know case dogs, pschiatric service dog,. >> the training takes about two years. forbids end doodle, leo, graduation day has finally arrived. >> high owe is pschiatric service dog, focuses on anxiety. there are a couple of things we do that are important, one of them teaching the dog to apply pressure or deep pressure to interrupt mattie, whicwhisk anxious,. >> mattie is a high school student who battles anxiety. leo has been her k9 companion
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for just few weeks now, but mattie said she is also notice ago difference. >> already can sense my anxiety, he already has been jumping up on me and stuff, been interrupting the bad behavior. >> leo is change ago live, as are many other service dogs trained by the sisters. >> how cool is it that we can do this and hopefully have this organization go on, you know, forever, ever, take care of people with disability, with the help after dog. >> how cool is leo? >> leo looks gist like my little golden doodle teddie. >> that was connor morgan reporting. coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news." >> caught on camera. go pro shows exact moment a cyclist struck by a car in a hit-and-run crash. >> and meisha is not letting work get in her way after work out. pat gallen will show us easy ways to get exercise in at the offers. that's when "eyewitness news" continues.
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>> authorities have mystery on their hands after four men go missing in bucks county. live with new development
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overnight. >> news you need to know if you ride septa. the change taking effect today at five stations. >> after a beautiful end to the weekends, the heat and humidity return. katie, women, she tracking our next chance tore storms. >> today is monday july 10, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> a rahel solomon. good morning, ladies. >> good morning. happen mine day, welcome back. looking outside, same story, lots of construction do, have accident, couple of accident, disable vehicles, disable tractor-trailers and car fire. >> i do have thunderstorms, very isolated, wouldn't happen until after lunchtime, i don't think, primarily, if you're wacking up to us from the shore, lucky you. >> any chance for showers or storms happen further inland, show you the


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